Here are some of the records that Pete Rose has set:


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  • Most Career Hits 4,256
  • Most Games Played 3,562
  • Most AB’s 14,053
  • Most Singles 3,315
  • Most Total Bases Switch Hitter 5,752
  • Most Season 200 or more hits 10
  • Most Season 600 or more AB’s 17
  • Most Season 150 or more games played 17
  • Most Winning Games 1,972
  • 5 hits or more in Games 10XS
  • Only major league Player in History to Play 500 Games at 5 Positions
  • 1B(969) 2B(634) 3B(634) LF(671) RF(595)
  • Most 20 Games or more hitting streak 7XS
  • Most Total Times on base 5,929


  • Most Doubles 746
  • Longest Consecutive Game Hitting Steak (44 Games) 1978
  • 1963 ROY
  • 1973 NL MVP
  • 1975 WS MVP
  • 17X All star at 5 positions
  • 1B,2B,3B,LF, &RF
  • 3 X NL Batting Champ 1968-1969-1973
  • All Century Team 1900-2000
  • 4 Hits or More in Games 73 Times
  • Gold Glove 1969-1970
  • Most Extra Base Hits by Switch Hitter 1,041
Many online casino players are interested in the records that Pete Rose set. The most hits in a career 4256 of which the highest scoring series of 20 games or more 7XS dedicated to online casinos. The only major league player in history to play in an Gate777 Casino and play 500 games in 5 positions